Monday, October 27, 2008

Zul'Aman run

OK so as this is my first post I might as well introduce myself. My name is Ian, 24 year old grad student at Duke. Ive been paying WoW for almost a year now, so all i have ever known is the burning crusade. My main toon is of course, Ximera the NE hunter. I also have some baby toons like a lvl26 pally Shetank and lvl43 rogue Etec all on Kael'thas server.

Alrighty, so me and the Blood for Blood people went to ZA last night. Most of us had been there before and are pretty good with the first couple bosses, but some people in the raid had not cleared the entire thing before. None the less we stormed past the bear and eagle boss as expected meeting the timers and then moved onto the lynx boss. We used some nice shortcuts, took out the pats and approached Halazzi. We one shot halazzi with our OPed overhealed group withouth much trouble and got the third timer. This was a first for me to get all of them, since the bear mount in the 4th chest is gone now so i hear. From there we picked up the chests and i got a nice primalfury shoulder piece. Finally something to increase my RAP over my S2 gear. Im around 1930 with AoTH on. Next we finished all the needed quest chains that everyone needed so that they could all complete the needed chains. From there we took down the dragonhawk boss without much trouble. Tons of AoE plus controlled bird release equals win. Think only Laris the priest died at the very end. Next came Hex Lord and he too fell by the wayside without much trouble. Adds were CCed or taken down and then hex lord was cake. Finally came Zul'jin. Actually one of what i think is a conceptually easy fight if you understand the phases. He too fell to Blood for Blood without much problems. Unfortunately no Berserkers Call trinket or bow dropped. The nice thing about clearing the place was that once Zul'jin was down there was a dance party in ZA. Some crazy tribal drums and chanting started which was pretty fun. Finally the Amani Trolls have been vanquished!!!


Grai's Gang said...

Welcome to the blogoshere. Grats on the ZA clear for Blood for Blood and the new shoulders.

Shrinn said...

WooHoo! WElcome to the crew! Glad to see you blogging!

Don't forget, I have a bunch of baby toon myself so if u wanna level together, let me know!

See you in Azeroth!