Monday, November 10, 2008

Kael'thas Sunstrider is DEAD in The Eye

So this weekend I got a pst from a former guildy of Exiled Elite named Skystrider and he was in charge of putting a group together with Legendary as the base to attempt to finish Kael'thas in TK and Vashj in SSC. So being more then willing to help see content I had never saw, myself and some others from Blood for Blood decided to come along. With the group being a pretty big pug it was surprising how things ended up. Anyways, first up was Kael'thas in TK. This was a completely new fight to me and it was pretty awesome. We wiped several times mostly because of people not focus firing on the correct targets, Capernian conflagrating the wrong person and messing things up, or i think there was also a fire pit from Kael or something that killed all 4 tanks at once. I think it took about 4 wipes, but on round number 5 all things came together. What was so great is that once we got on Kael with our nice new stolen weapons, Kael is not that difficult. Another perfect timing thing is that tanks were slowly falling one by one and Kael was ticking down. Just as the 4th tank went down 5 seconds later kael was down. We said screw that phoenix and kill kael and down he went and all the people rejoiced. He are a few pics of the conquest and showing the inside of TK for those who havent seen it.
After TK we decided to go try and take on Vashj in SSC. Wow was this fight a lot harder then i thought it would be. Needless to say we continually wiped and never really got anywhere. This fight is just complex. You got elementals coming, striders being kited around, nagas running around, then u have to worry about killing tainted elementals. If you killed them maybe you got a tainted core which they you have to throw around to finally get it to someone close enough to smash onto one of those thingies. Bottom line, this fight was far beyond us and our group composition and was just mass chaos. It was great to see Vashj i wont lie, but dang this was the opposite of TK where the fight proceeds processively with Kael having talking interludes etc. Oh and did i mention that i got my first token period. Let alone gettting the sweet T5 chest token Rift Stalker Hauberk. This thing is money especially when i put exceptional stats and my ZA stam gem, plus 2 +5crit +10 AP pyrestones on it. This turned out to be a great time. Thank you skystrider, Exiled Elite forever.
After that we had a guild meeting which i think many things that needed to be said were said, but this isnt the place to discuss those things, so i will call it quits with that.

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