Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another break in the action

So i took last week off from playing and then came back with all my rest and tried to burn through it on friday, saturday, and sunday. I managed to get mostly through it, but i never got rid of it completely. I dinged 74, got a new worm pet from dragonblight, and have been hanging out in dalaran. LWing is lvl 404 or something. Kind of slow going since dragonblight doesnt havea ton of skinnable mobs. Anyways, i will again be taking this week off since i will be going home for the holiday and i have to finish the rough draft of my committee meeting proposal so my boss can look at it next week. Once thats done ill probably make my rested push to 77 or so i would imagine. Guess im going to have to start looking more at the quest reward gear now since im getting to that level where i may be swapping some stuff out. I also know i need to do a complete revamp of my abilites bars since they have basically been unchanged since well, forever. BTW, worm sundering armor plus aspect of the dragonhawk is a pretty sweet combo. Gorilla + volley = best leather farming combo there is. Oh also, the embossing LWing abilities are sweet. 114 AP on bracers, are you kidding me!! Thats amazing and i got it. Also made myself some nerubian leg armor since i never got the rep up for the nethercleft pattern. LWing is pretty sweet so far, just tons of patterns every 5 lvls it is pretty cool. Not that they will ever be used, but im starting to get into the blue patterns now and i also havea sweet druid cape pattern i think. I will do any LWing for free while im leveling so find me and its yours if i can do it. Anyways thats about it and the scattered observations so far. Its good. Dragonblight is a pretty cool place. Be back on when i can.

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