Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking a hiatus

OK so just a quick update here. I, like everyone else got into Wrath the first day it came out and did some leveling and just enjoying things. Let me admit, it is weird not knowing where the heck you are going in a place. I fell to my death a couple times just because i didnt realize how far down things were. Anyways, i did probably 1/2 of what howling fjord had to offer and 1/3 of what borean tundra has to offer so far. Im lvl 72 at the moment, but that is where i am going to stay for a while. I have to write a grant proposal for my thesis committee meeting over the next couple weeks so until that is largely done and my boss thinks im at least at a low level of compentence i probably wont be back. School has to come first on this one, so i know i will fall behind but i will come back well rested andf shoot up to 74 or 75 at least pretty fast. Pets are leveling as well. Got my gorilla and cat up to 71 and climbing i think, and i picked up a rhino for fun.

p.s.- i made a blood specced death knight on Kael'thas as well and his name is Heme. Yeah, its nerdy but its a solid name for a blood spec. Anyways thats it for now until i return to game in a week and a half or so.

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