Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks Fal

So i havent played WoW in about 10 days, but last night was the first time i signed on and though it really wasnt efficient in how the time was spent, it turned out well. I am lvl 75 and i completed the dragonblight achievement so i thought i should move on, and sholazar basin seemed to be a good level to start except i couldnt find any quest givers. Someone said you may have to be 76 to get quests there and something about it starting in dalaran to send you there, but regardless i roamed around SB for a good amount of time without luck. So then i wentto dalaran to try and find said quest giver to see if i could go at 75. The only quests i found were for violet hold and in my nubishness i didnt realize it was the northrend version of black morass. HAHA i tried to solo a dungeon and wondered why the first elite mob out of the portal creamed my pet. So i ran towards the exit to find the door blocked, popped a feign death and just sat there till the dragons open the door and ran out. I followed and somehow i didnt die. that was so noobish. So wondering where i can go next, i decided to shoot over to grizzly hills since i hadnt been there. Popped over there and killed some elk for a quest, and who waves at me but Falromord, one of Graimerin's alts. I read on BBB's blog that Grai made him a couple savage cobalt slicers so i just asked what the mats were for them. He linked them and just said lets go find an anvil. He runs outside and bang bang bang he whips up 2 of them on the spot without asking for mats. And let me say, i feel like he gave them to me cheap. So i just wanted to say thanks to Grai again. These two will replace my legacy for the time being. I only duel weilded swords once before around level 60 so i need to get used to the look. Needless to say my sword skill was a bit low around 320 so i went to HF starting zone and just womped so of those continually incoming guys for a while. It was fun, i felt like a melee class. I set gorilladin on aggressive so was just charging all around dropped thunderstomps like crazy. Of course being 74 and the mobs on 68 or whatever, he was barely hurting. I would just run and follow and start swinging. Was a good time. Still need to get the swords enchanted, but i will have Camila do that later once i get mats and am back to playing. I still wont be on much due to writing my grant proposal for my PhD committee meeting, but oh well. I will power level to 80 as people are starting Naxx and probably get carried through like last time making vast gear upgrades on my first run. Here is the screen shot with the swords and sepharose my gorilla.

p.s.- if you ever see me on i will make any leather i can for you for free. Im level 405 now