Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Level 80

So since i returned to playing on wednesday of last week, I have done some serious playing. I did a lot of leveling and questing finishing scholozar basin which i love for skinning, and then pretty much finishing everything in storm peaks. Now not to do any spoilers, lets just say i felt completely owned and like a douche once the story unfolds for storm peaks. Now I am level 80 and really trying to get myself geared up to join B4B in Naxx. To do this i have mostly been doing serious leather farming or heroic runs. LWing is up to 425ish and i would love to get up to the giantmaim pieces at 440. I got some new swiftarrow gear that replaced my T5 stuff, but dude it is like intro PVP gear. It has resilience and good stats, but has absolutely no hit point. My hit points are in the tank and that really needs to change. Plus none of my gear has sockets on it, and that sucks. So back to feeling crappy about being weak like i did for months when i dinged 70.

Additionally since i powerleveled 75-80 in 4 days the only pet i have close to 80 is my gorilladin sepharose. So zn additional thing i need to do is get on leveling or obtaining new pets. I have a worm which i can get a new one from storm peaks which will be like lvl 79. But my main need is as a dps class, to get a dps pet. Now i found it odd that there were no cats in the game according to petopia that are higher then 76. This was odd since i got a lvl 69 cat from skettish before. Anyways, so since im stuck with a 76 cat i might as well get a cool skin so i wanted to tame Pitch in SB. Funny thing, the frenzyheart still hate me and there are like 2-3 elites guarding Pitch. I did manage to fly to a raised area where i could trap him without aggroing them. So i have Pitch and he is 77 or 78 or so now. Of course the ultimate accomplishment will be spirit beast. So while i am farming leather i am absolutely /target loque to hopefully find it by accident.

All this work is to hopefully allow me to get some money. I NEED AN EPIC FLYING MOUNT. Ximera is my first toon and my only high level toon and as most new players can attest, it can be hard to make money at first. I still am monetarily challenged. I bought the cold weather flying so at least i can fly, but it is so slow. Storm peaks with a slow mount was painful. Anyways, as a result of the training being 5000g or something crazy still plus mount costs, i am praying for a free epic mount drop. I could really use a proto drake from either oracles, time-lost proto drake, blue proto drake. Something so i do spend all my money at once. I only have about 3k gold.

Also did a 40 man raid for the black war bear mount "for the alliance". that was fun too.

Anyways, this was really scattered so hopefully i can gear up, make money, and get pets to accomplish the above goals. And i will leave you with this thought. Where have all the healers gone?

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