Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nerfed to the floor baby...well not really

So as stated in BRK's blog, ghostcrawler has put up some nerfs that may be coming the way of the hunter which can be found here. Now to be honest, some of these are needed since especially BM pets are doing way too much damage. It is great to feel OP, but i know balance is key to the enjoyment of the game, so ill go with it. Just sucks to be knocked down, even if you were way up in the ceiling to begin with. I just hope since they decrease volley damage they better fix the volley damage issue otherwise weapons will be going even faster since we will be using volley even more.

OK that is all. I need to rewrite me entire research proposal tonight. Hope to be back on WoW by the 17th i hope if im not out celebrating my meeting being over.

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