Monday, December 29, 2008

LWing 440

So i hit LWing 440 which means i can now make all the epics. Well i can make the ones i have patterns for at least. Still going to take a lot more leather and arctic furs before i can get all the patterns. Just need to make myself the icestrike cloak and giantmain bracers and i will be good to go. Got some great legs out of Halls of Stone so i dont need the giantmaim ones anymore. I really need to replace trinkets and rings, but they are so expensive to get. Oh well, in time i suppose. I also got in on my first naxx run. It wasnt stellar by all means, but it was the day after christmas so our group composition was probably not ideal. We downed 3 bosses which is less then they normally get, but hopefully i can get in a couple more runs just to see more then the arachnid quarter.

I also hope that new patterns will come out. I think the patterns available now are for basic raiding gear, but i personally like the rare pattern drops also that came in some later raiding such as in The Eye. So basically what we have now is good for the casual player and those wanting to get into Naxx, but as content is added hopefully there will be some pattern drops or something to keep the crafters from getting bored.

p.s.- still working on the epic flying mount. I have about 4000+ gold so im getting close. Once i ge the training hopefully i can get a free mount from H-culling or a proto drake from the oracles egg or H-UP.

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