Monday, January 5, 2009

Clearly I Can't Dance

So we went back to Naxx last night to see if we could get anymore of it done having downed the arachnid quarter, noth the plaguebringer and patchwerk the night before. So we were basically coming in to wipe a ton of times trying to learn the Heigen dance with the exploding poisons. It took 3 or 4 wipes before at least the tanks and healers were surviving. Soon after people started following the tanks and another couple dps survived most of the fight. I on the other hand was never able to survive. I am not exactly sure, but i would get just clipped by the poison either in front or just behind. If you get hit you will die. So i was never grotesquely in the poison, but i didnt make it despite having watched many movies about it. I guess doing is different then watching, even when i try and stay on top of the tank. Downing heigen was a first for the guild so that was a good thing. After that we tried moving to Loatheb. This guy proved to be a problem since his necrotic aura prevents all healing from occuring at any time except for a THREE SECOND WINDOW. My dps was through the roof, near 2700 for that fight thanks to the spore 50% crit incease buff, but we still always wiped. After 3 or 4 tries people had to go after getting a late start including myself. Guild note- we need druids and shaman badly

On other notes, my LWing is nearly maxed out with only two remaining patterns to buy. I can make it all once i have those patterns. I also did manage to get my epic flying mount. I finally saved up enough money for the training then did icecrown quests till i got the 200g or whatever to get the epic flyer from SMV. Let me tell you, the epic flyer makes a ton of differenec. Still on a spirit beast hunt, but there has not been any sightings or it or even a whisper of its appearance. I have seen a couple hunters on the server one, but they certainly are not running rampant. Also with the coming nerf to cat dps, i will be leveling a devilsaur. I named it Unseen, i dont think she knows and it is probably for the best. :)

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