Monday, January 19, 2009

Hunter Specc

Thanks to BRK and his past two podcast with both Lienna and Nassira, I am now much more informed about how to put together all my hunter specs. As some people know, but mostly none of you do, i leveled 1-70 as MM and then switch to raid as BM for Kara and have been BM ever since. Now with the nerf to BM coming, I really do not want to have to respec to either MM or Surv. I can not imagine a hunting spec other then BM being the top DPS. It just doesnt make sense. The BM hunter is the definition of huntering. It is a hunter and a pet working as one to cause as most damage as possible. One is nothing without the other. Heck, my cat does almost 40% of my damage on some fights and if it was possible for my cat to be alive without me it would have no focus for its special abilities. Sure the other specs use pets too, but they are more of a superfluous addition and not incredibly important. I mean they really just use the pet for the stats they gain, not the damage a pet can do. So how a BM would drop in DPS below a Surv or MM is just beyong me. Please dont do it Blizzard. Hunters dont need to do arenas and be great PVP, dont nerf our PVE raiding to fix PVP. A little nerf is OK and needed, but if im getting killed by MM or Surv hunters you are going to force there to be no more BM hunters around in raids. And everyone knows they will miss seeing devilsaurs and spirit beasts tearing up the mobs.

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