Monday, January 19, 2009

Guild Update- Getting Some Stuff Off My Chest

Ok so lets get the more mundane out of the way first. I have gotten a couple of gear upgrades since I last posted. You can armory me or whatever, but I am up to 3 pieces of T7 gear now which is nice and I also bought a emblem belt. So I did manage to get the "superior" achievement for whatever that is worth. I really just need to get some new boots, the wraith spear from mexxna (lost the roll twice), and eventually get a new helm. I have the best hunter helm short of a full naxx clear so im not worried about that. Still looking for spirit beast, but according to BRK's blog Loque'nahak on the PTR is not despawning after only being up 10 min, but is there till tamed or killed for the achievement.

In other news, this weekend the guild decided to put one of the strongest groups we could together to try and down some naxx bosses we have never tried or seen. We were even fortunate enough to have Kabel, a great resto druid, join us. We were rolling there for a while after clearing the plague and spider wings in 2 hours. After that we went to patchwerk and crushed him even with only about 9 ppl since a melee took a hateful strike early in the fight. So this was about all i had previously seen. I have seen all the fights in detail on I recommend people go there and learn about fights. So anyways, we spent about the next hour at least on Grobbulus. We were just struggling with the fight and we could get him down to about 500K then wipe. He starts doing his mutating injection twice as fast and it just got real messy. Anyways, we killed him last night after only like 3 attempts. I lost on a sweet ring roll to a DK. Since we struggled with grobbulus, we decided to move to the military wing and do instructor rezuvious. After an initial tank mishap wipe, we downed him pretty easily. Again this wing we had never done before. After that was downed Gothik in a one shot zerging. We owned him badly. Next was 4-horsemen. Now funny enough, hilarious even, is that I sort of became the explainer of these fights, just based on the videos i had seen. Admittedly we did not havea great group composition for the horsemen, so we died a couple times due to potentially some poor communication by myself, but then the crap hit the fan which brings me to the stuff I need to say.

First, WoW is a game that when i play i do not want to deal with infighting between members of the group. I understand personal interactions happen, but try to keep your personal feelings for another raider OUT of the raid. It just becomes a distraction to the group and crushes morale which is already fragile enough taking on new bosses and wiping late into the night. I am not trying to be insensative, but everyone is trying to have fun and progress as a GROUP, and when individual issues with another player prevent that it doesnt result in good things. Needless to say, we had a couple members leave the guild after that raid which was sad, but expect in all honesty.

Next issue involves PUGGING people for 25 mans. Our guild does mostly 10 man content since we do not have the numbers to put together a 25 man without filling several spots with friends or pugs. Friends in general are cool and some are basically honorable guild members, but unknown pugs are terrible. We were doing 25 man Arch and OS. Arch went well so we moved onto Sarth. During the clearing of trash, we had a couple members DC, and this is where the issues come up. 1) if you are a pug, consider yourself blessed to have been invited and keep your negative comments to yourself. NO, we will not pull more trash while a couple ppl have DC'd, especially one being the lootmaster/raid leader. And after the 5th time of explaining why we are not pulling, LISTEN to the reason. We heard you when you said you were in a time crunch and had to go soon, but you are the PUG in a guild run and we are not going anywhere without OUR guild members and the raid leader. If you have to go...go. The hard core raiding guild would not even tolerate that kind of complaining and vocalization, and to be honest i probably would not have either. Fortunately for them, we are in between casual and more serious so they were allowed to stay. Next issue with this pug is that we were trying our first attempt ever at keeping a Drake up while fighting Sartharion. We had a great healer from OOB with us who had done it and was explaining the fight. Needless to say, people were not listening so that idea had to get scratched and we eventually killed Sarth no problem.

Onto the next item of annoyance. YOUR DPS IS IRRELEVANT IF YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. Case study, this pug had you know some crazy dps that was 3500+ but oh...he got hit by flame wall FOUR TIMES. You can hit like a truck and have great gear, but if you cant move to stay alive you are worthless to the raid. I would much rather have an undergeared person that I know can follow instructions instead of someone who is going to go off as a lone wolf and crush the damage meter but end up dead. And do not think about blaming the healer for your own death.

Ok i think that is it for the basic rant, but seriously people, this is a game, but you are not the only one playing it. If you want to be solo then dont raid or even be in a guild.

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