Tuesday, January 27, 2009

longest boss fight ever

this will be short and sweet. So we took a 10 man group into naxx last night just to continue a weaker effort from earlier in the week. We were plowing through until we came to heigan the unclean. Now for those people who had been in naxx prior to the patch knew that there was a couple ways to sort of cheat the fight mechanic to avoid dancing. Unfortunately, those cheats have been fixed and you have to do the fight as intended with the tanks and melee dancing the entire fight and the ranged dancing during the fast stage. So on the first fast stage, everyone in the raid died but 3 people. Myself, the tank, and MT healer. 25 minutes later Heigan was dead. We actually 3 manned a Naxx boss!!! While doing the fight it didnt seem like it was that long of a fight, but it assuredly was 25 minutes long. It takes a while for one dps with a dead pet and a tank to do 9.3 million hp worth of damage. Geez i just looked that up, and didnt realize it was that high. Hmm, maybe that is from heroic, but whatever it is a heck of a lot for 1.5 dps to do. I feel bad for the people who died within the first minute, but we got him down.
As a guild we also did our first completion of the military quarter. We plowed through the first two bosses and came to the horsemen. After many immediate AOE wipes and some members leaving and new ones coming on or getting on healing alts we slowly started getting better. It then came all together and we downed them. It is a very neat fight mechanic stressing group coordination and movement over dps. I would have gotten the T7 chest if i didnt have it alreadt from probably and archavon drop. All in all it was a long, but good raiding night, too bad we did it the night before the reset lol.

Note- I am still BM since i love my pets damage and even post nerf i am still doing a decentamount of damage. Im not 2700+ like i was, but still 2200+ i think which is decent.

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