Thursday, February 5, 2009

There is no justice

Simply put, there is no justice in WoW. Here i have been searching for the spirit beast for weeks at a time and spending 30min to an hour a day, every day circling scholozar basin spamming a targetting macro to catch a glimpse of a rare spawn. And what do i see yesterday in dalaran, a freaking lvl 77 hunter running around with spirit beast. They said it was their very first time in SB ever and they saw spirit beast and got it. That shows there is no justice in WoW, no benefit for hard work, it is nothing but a game of luck. That is the last straw, and i am no longer going to be spending hours upon hours looking for a stupid pet that someone who doesnt even know what the thing is, is just going to tame or kill.

p.s.- B4B has cleared all 4 wings of naxx. Only sapphiron and KT yet to down.

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