Thursday, February 26, 2009

When hard work and luck meet

So as you are aware, I have been hunting the spirit beast with great effort for probably the last week. Sure i have spent a lot of time prior to that looking and spamming macros, but i never really caught a scent of Loque'nahak. But times had changed over the past week starting with a couple sightings of King Krush, the big green devilsaur. I even killed him once to get my northern exposure achievement. That set in motion some hard core looking and hunting of the spirit beast since the rare spawns are thought/known to come in succession on a 6 hr repop timer. Knowing what time zero was, I had to come back at 2am to look. Alas, i only caught a blip of Loque with my macro before it was gone. I had continued for a couple days to look with great ferver spending a few hours a day/night in Sholazar Basin searching around the times when i estimated a spawn would be coming. I had even started to get my guildies involved who i think were beginning to pity me for looking so long without getting it. Now as you can probably tell, and see, last night at 5:40ish pm EST I was just flying around SB and spotted Loque. Its funny because i was not even really looking too intently on finding him. I was just kind of casually flying around killing time. Sure i was still hitting my macro, but i wasnt focused on it as a mission. Sure enough I see him in the location just south of Pitch (black lion) on the map. I starting shaking and flipped out. I came in to a land and didnt see a soul around. All my other sightings occured with someone killing it already or having just tamed it. So here I am alone with Loque, I hurriedly dropped a trap and dismissed my raptor. I was shaking so bad i even missed the tame beast button once. But i got it the next time and he came right in to my trap, and i knew he was as good as mine. I was geeking out pretty good at this point just watching the taming channel count down until he was mine. Thanksfully, a guildy Burritoman was in SB also herbing so i yelled over /g chat for him to come over and look. I had him turn on his speakers and everything so he could hear the roar and see the moonfire ability that Loque has. It was kind of nice to have someone else be there to share in that moment of trying out a new pet. Thanks Burr. After that i went to dalaran to parade my new pet around and taunt the horde a little by beastial wrathing by their bank. I pretty much told everyone i knew that i have it. Now I just need to get it lvled up to 80 so he can come to Naxx. I also havent settled on a name yet.
Additionally, we tried Malygos 10 man again. We wiped 3 or 4 times before giving up. I have at least seen all 3 phases now, though we barely got into phase 3 before the enrage. Stacking sparks and moving Maly seem to be hard, but im sure we will get it eventually. We will need to start focusing a bit more on 25 man naxx for some gear upgrades, but most of us are geared through 10 man naxx now.

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