Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why do you torment me so spirit beast?

OK so as all 1 or 2 of my readers knows (if anyone even reads this), I have been looking for the spirit beast Loque'nahak for weeks if not months. So i am doing my usual flying around SB last night spamming my targeting macro when what do i see? My macro yells at me that it has found its target and i zoom in to find the spirit beast has already been tapped and IS BEING KILLED by a rogue who was just mining ore. At least they got the achievement, but god my luck sucks. The one time i fly the opposite direction of my normal route and i am 1 minute behind to taming this beast. This was like catching a glimpse of my dream just to have it being killed in front of me. Stupid rogue who will remain nameless unless you zoom in on the pictures. I have screen shots to document that i have at least seen the spirit beast. Unfortunately this is probably the closest that i will ever come. fml.

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RJK said...

Wow that is very sad indeed. I like you have been since Mid-December.

Hope ya find it soon.